Welcome to the fv432 website!

The fv432 was the British Armys first purposed built amoured personnal carrier, which started life on the drawing boards in the late 1950s. A whole family of fv430 vehicles were created to perform several needs. And due to their adaptability many members are still in service today.

As many members of the fv430 family have been released from the MOD over the recent years, and finding their way into private ownership. This website is aimed to help owners of all variants to maintain and equipe their vehicle with the assistance of other owners and ex-service personnel.

To help acheive this, the website has been developed into an online webzine. Brought to you in bite size issues, broken up into sections covering; variants, equipment, workshop and as much as we can squeeze in! Also amongst the sites you will find a range of fv430 related manuals and as many pictures we can find.

But it doesn't stop there! Join us on the fv430 forum, where you can contact many owners and servicemen, past and present all over the world. Where everyone shares experiences and problems to help extend the life of these old workhorses! Other resources include Youtube where you will find videos covering various maintenance tips and footage showing you the way around a fv432. If you have access to Twitter as you can see, you can catch up with what is going on here and on the forum.

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