About the fv432 websites

The thinking behind www.fv432.co.uk and www.fv432apc.com

What we want to create here is a way people who are interested, own or served with the fv430 family to share info, experiences and tips so we can maintain, equip and enjoy these fascinating vehicles. When we started looking for information to help us with our fv432, we found that there isn't that much detailed information out there, hence why there are so many pictures of different vehicles, each one normally taken as something odd, different or just interesting caught our eye when we had the chance to get close to one. Yes, if you talk to the right people and go to the right places, it is amazing what knowledge is happy to be shared, and that's what we want to do here! The fv432 is a big bit of machine to look after, although it isn't the hardest, it still can have its moments; if you have had anything to do with its charging system you'll know what we mean!

Well why the two sites then?

(well three if you include www.fv432.com!)


Originally the www.fv432.co.uk site grew out of the idea above. Unfortunately due to the way the server was set up, we were unable to upload instantly and there may be as much as a couple of months delay between updates. This is mainly because we have to make every page by "hand" and we want to keep costs down, (as we don't want to go commercial or be swamped with adverts!). This meant that we would have to update the site in one place and pass it on via memory stick, and then have it uploaded. Due to the fact that this wouldn't happen as often as we would liked, the decision was made to stick our hand in our pocket and find another site that was on a server that we could update directly, so came www.fv432apc.com.


This has opened up a whole new can of worms! The want to redesign the the look and modernise the feel, has bought about more problems. How to update the two sites at once and get all the information up the quickly. Sorry it just wasn't going to happen, our plans were just to big and couldn't be done over night. Fortunately we feel we have come up with a solution............

The fv432 webzine

When trying to find a way that would allow all the information from the original www.fv432.co.uk site fit into the new www.fv432apc.com site as we were building, proved too time consuming. We felt that neither site would end up with enough content for to long while we built them up. So the fv432webzine was born, this we hope will allow us to update any area and section as we need when ever the information comes available. But best of all it will allow you to contribute aswell! Not only can you send us a "article" to add to the webzine, but don't forget the the fv430 forum!

The fv430 forum

Visit the fv432 forum

a chance to discuss all things fv432 related, ask for advice, get tips and help each other out! It free to join, just register to contact other owners for help and advise.


if you are wondering what goes where in your vehicle, have fond memories on exercises with friends you have lost touch with, are wanting to add some detail to your model, or just interested, then we hope that these sites help. Due to the way the to websites are set up, www.fv432.co.uk is going to more picture based, while www.fv432apc.com will mopst propably host the webzine. Don't forget we have the Twitter page, this is mainly so that instant messages can be added via the link, to keep everyone informed of anything we are up to. The Photobucket page is where we upload pictures for use on the forum, so there might be the odd one or two that don't make it to the website directly, so check them out, but we have recently started a fourm gallery on www.fv432.co.uk. And don't forget the Youtube Chanel, where we upload videos of things we are getting up to. If you were wondering we haven't said much about www.fv432.com, at the moment it just links to the homepage of www.fv432.co.uk as it doesn't have its own hosting at the moment, we just own the domain name.

Please be patient! We have families and full time jobs!

We try to answer all emails personally and as soon as possible. It may take a few days before we get chance to reply, but we will.

fv432 or fv430??

Here is another dilema, are we exclusive to the fv432 and ingore the rest of the fv430 family! Although the website addresses do include fv432, they are not specialising in that memeber of the family but we are trying to encompass the whole fv430 family, its just those were the site domains available at the time. Also most people refer to the whole family as fv432 maybe as they are the biggest variant, but as you will see even a fv432 is just a fv432!

Tech Stuff

This website is finally being built using Dreamweaver CS5. And now finding the wonders of Photoshop, php and JavaScript! Now that we have incorparated these tools, unfortunately for some this may mean you have to upgrade your browser or flash player etc. We are trying to make the sites and webzine compatiable for all devices so we have tried to design everything around this, but it is a learning curve.

All pictures that are owned by us are available in large formats, just ask. All that said, the site is constantly growing and we are always learning. If you have any suggestions for future updates to the site, please contact us to help us bring you the best website for the fv432.

Legal Stuff

Although there may be a couple of pictures that are used on this website have come from the internet, where we have been able we have asked permission. Some are from the private owners that have submitted them for use on this site. The majority are owned by us at the website, please contact us if you wish to use any for anything other than for private use (full sized versions of most pictures are available and in high resolution).

Finally let us thank all Service Personnel past, present and future

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